Fall 2023 Gallery (19 photographs)

May23 Gallery (Muskegon)

Music: Coronation theme[Cello French horn Tuba score pdf] 2023
Music: Nocturne 2022 (mp3 2:38)
Summer 2022 Gallery

special Gallery

Easter Gallery 2022

Music: Lounge music for Olympians 2022 (mp3)
pdf score in the public domain for this piece for two pianos:

When then may we return to the rat races of old,
the tepid coffees, 
subway squeeze, 
smiling faces on magazines,
newspapers for a dime,
and sit on the porch enjoying an evening breeze.

Get you vaccines, get your boosters!
Don’t you wish to have a future?
Covid is out and running freely and thus we may not.
I love mandates, 
I love pickles and peanut-butter popsicles.

It’s cold out here and I’m freezing,
but since you like my song
put something in the bucket,
Don’t You just pass along.
I can tell you’re feeling guilty – so am I.

I wasted last year on Youtube and beers
but now I’m felling better.
Pandemic times have been good to me
as you can see
with a guitar,
I’m making a musical living.  
City people slow down
look down at the ground–
and don’t need to keep to a schedule.

I once had a Porsche. I enjoyed it of course
but I found it lacking in horse-power,
so I drove it a while then went down to the coast
to trade up to a Lamborginni.

The very best job which I ever had
was in the third year of Obama;
I remember it well
I believe it was Fall–
delivering sandwiches to strangers.
But late at night if the stars were right,
is someone was late and had already paid,
I might be left
after work
with one to take home and eat.

Baker, trucker, warehouse help, plaster applicator,
salesman, cleaner, or fast-food cook,
now I can only fondly sigh 
for all that might have been.

Shall we have a blue new year,
full of media cheer,
avoiding all consternation?
If your life is like mine 
you should do just fine.
I got this pair at K-Mart. 
Yes, it feels warm and lasts a long time, aisle 43.

I love mandates, 
I love pickles and peanut-butter popsicles. 
Get you vaccines and your boosters.
Covid is out and running about 
and so we may not.


Christmas 2021 Gallery
(12 images: Santa knows whether you deserve a gift–or not–this year..)

Dalian buildings Gallery (20 photographs)

An Anthem for Tokyo 2020 Olympics (July 2021, 4 min., noncommercial rights given-pk))

May Gallery 2021 (18 images!)

January 2021 Gallery (16 photographs)

Music:untitled-improved, December 2020 (3:50 mp3)French Horn of vom Himmel hoch as ground..

My original composition for cello, piano, French horn, yueqin: Shanghai Serenade (number two) (a nine minute mp3)
copyright pkragt 2020

Summer Gallery 2019

Qingming 2019 Gallery

My new year's 2019 arrangement/addition to a pop song is here: 《情非得已》
是由张国祥作词,汤小康作曲,Jamie Wilson编曲,庾澄庆演唱的歌曲
Fall 2018 Gallery (14 photographs)

Another small gallery (6 photographs)

A tune composed for saxophone;(score only as pdf file, no recording)
A mini Gallery (5 photographs)

A Gallery of 13 photographs: Qingming 2018

Enter a Gallery of 11 photographs here... (Warning: this is an ART gallery)

Thoughts after a visit to the Forbidden City/Ancient Palace

Tramping through this preserve of emperors, 
allowing it its quiet-times only at nightfall, 
what do we assert? 
A strange democracy? 
–As if in some middling wood we await expectantly the return of kings who may never come. 
But gript by piety, 
else holding tight to a line linking to past pieties,
or hoping that hope in history is piety enough,
or practicing reverence with the occasional electrical worship of the present instant, 
we wait.
But Hitler had his blueprints as well, working with them to the end.
Who doesn’t.
This poem is my blueprint–blank till I sketch a first small suggestive design
in pen here between the phrases, 
and ask the reader or passerby to draw also, 
to imaginatively doodle, 
to add. 
Then, pass this day-poem along to others 
and it might becomes a complete set of drawings, 
public petition for a newer city which is practical, 
less elusive, less remote.

© pkragt Feb28/2018

An Anthem composed for PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018

[I put this in the public domain...]

Here is a rough draft of my musical addition to a popular song: Fairy Tale.

A pdf with words (in Chinese)
and the tune (modified for two voices...)
[public domain if written credit is given (P.Kragt) for commercial use]


When ducks arrive in the city
it may be under duress, and all 
unprepared for city tastes 
or city etiquette;
These have not each been asked for their consideration.

When artists commute from the countryside F
complaining of meagre result,
rural simplicity, spotty esteem;
neither (perhaps) have those been petitioned for preference.

When the lone scribe returns to his country
under foreign decree-To rebuild,
to replace some walls and re-make what was;
Little as well might he/she relish that opportunity.
©pk 1/2013

Not a poem-about the robin

One lonely robin waits dissolution of snowfall
as we anticipate another political season.

In winter they assemble in large flocks at night,
in Canada no doubt,
but here with civic vest, with civil etiquette 
the robin has a regular welcome won upon our level greens.

Other dinosaur descendants must flit, yet, and hop 
from our right-of-way
(as lesser mammals fled in turn at the tramp of raptors)
but she need not scurry at all.

Might I predict a day-
scenting the dry and balmy breezes of a summer afternoon,
tired of its subterranean toil,
when one overly lugubrious earthworm,
wishing but to take in a little sun 
amid a forest of close-kept American grasses,
shall find itself, too late, as a trophy;
fodder to the new iteration of robin.

Why is it that sportsmen employ 
the robin as mascot so seldom 
unless it is inappropriate 
to limit a living myth so..?
©pk 3/2012

The Solitary Starling

The solitary starling passed me on my left
hurriedly searching for a twilight roost;
else a recent convert to Americanism,
he/she changed now, aligned with human values,
separate from its flock
yet indistinguishable from the rest.

©pk 9/2011